How does it work?

What is the Info-stationnement platform?

Info-stationnement is an email and text messaging platform used to notify residents about parking restrictions during snow removal operations. This practical and reliable notification service allows residents to stay informed in real time and to better plan their street parking.

Does the service cover all of Laval?

No. For the winter of 2019-2020, the Info-stationnement platform for residents will apply to three pilot project zones in which the signage will be modified.

To find out more : Pilot project to prohibit alternate parking.

What do these messages convey?

The messages indicate whether snow removal operations are being carried out in the selected zone, and whether or not the related signage must be observed.

Who sends the messages?

The City of Laval is responsible for managing the service. Only designated people are authorized to send alerts.

How many messages will I receive?

It is impossible to determine how many messages will be sent. However, a notice will be issued each time snow removal operations begin in your neighbourhood, and each time they are completed. Decisions concerning the following day are made every day at 5 p.m.

Will I be required to pay fees to my service provider if I select the SMS (texting) option?

The City of Laval will cover the fees in full for automated text messages sent via Info-stationnement.

However, additional fees for text messaging and Internet data may apply, depending on the resident’s agreement with his or her cell phone company (for example, if the resident’s cell phone package does not include the reception of text messages). The City of Laval is not responsible for these fees. When in doubt, residents are invited to contact their service provider to check the details of their package.

Will my personal information be adequately protected?

Personal information is stored in a database protected through the use of leading-edge technology, including password encryption. Only administrators have access to information, which they can change on demand.

Can I unsubscribe?

The website has a function that lets users unsubscribe at any time. When a user unsubscribes, all his or her personal information is removed from the database.

Is the Info-stationnement platform used to send advertisements or carry out solicitation?

The Info-stationnement platform is not used for advertising or solicitation in any form.

Can I modify my account options?

Yes. You can change your account options at any time, either to update your contact information or unsubscribe.

What can I do if I experience difficulty navigating the platform?

Check to see if the version of your mobile or tablet operating system (iOS or Android) is up to date.  We strongly recommend the use of Google Chrome for an optimal user experience.

If you continue experiencing any difficulty, please contact our support team by dialing 311 on your phone or via email at